Telling Our Own Stories/Healing Our Own Hearts - Art & Storytelling Workshop with Maya Gonzalez
Maya Gonzalez

Yay! I can't wait to virtually meet you and play together on May 10th and 12th!

Below are some initial details to help you get the most out of our time together.

See you online soon!

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Preparing for our time together...

STEP 1: Download and gather your materials and watch this short welcome video!

If you have any questions or concerns about the materials, feel free to reach out: maya(at)

If you'd like to dive in a little deeper...

STEP 2: Feel free to download and explore these additional materials all about my 3 Rules!

Read more about My 3 Rules:

#1: Everyone is an Artist

#2: There is Never a Right or Wrong Way to Make Art

#3: Art is Always an Act of Courage

- explore this 5 Page excerpt from my Coloring the Revolution #1 Coloring Book and my Claiming Face Curriculum.

Color the 3 Rules!

- download coloring pages to remind yourself of the 3 Rules!

And for those wanting a fuller immersion...

STEP 3: If you have time and would like to explore even more, feel free to view these additional videos & handouts.

*This is not required to prepare but will definitely support your overall creative process and help develop a holistic self and voice.

Originally part of Voice Is a Revolution mini course I taught a few years ago through my School of the Free Mind, these videos help establish a holistic perspective of self and reality. This is at the foundation of everything I teach, including how I teach.

Playing with Embodiment/Soothing the Ancestors

In my imagination, the best thing we can do at all times is to make ourselves as strong as possible. This will support every aspect of our lives as well as help our creative power rise naturally.
In this video, I go into three areas that I use constantly.

  1. Playing with my imagination to help my body and heart relax down
    “I live in a safe universe.”
  2. Playing with my thoughts to help my mind relax down
    “Aggressive Self LOVE”
  3. Developing the witness self so I can see and love myself
    “Awareness of the internalized bully”
RELATED WORKSHEET: Witness worksheet for the internalized bully

(This worksheet is from my children's book, When a Bully is President: Truth and Creativity for Oppressive Times, to help kids learn to witness themselves if they are bullied. However this worksheet is also a useful tool to witness the internalized bully.)

Coming into Holistic Voice

We expand our understanding of self to include at all times: the body, heart, mind, spirit and unknown.

We see this expanded self impacted by and functioning within context: with family, community, society, history, ancestry and unknown.

From this place we speak out to the child that we were, listen to the elder that we will be and finally firm ourselves in the power of the present moment.
Simple step by step guidance is provided to explore the reality of who you really are and what you bring to your life, experience and voice. This awareness can unleash all the stories already alive within you.

Telling Our Own Stories/Healing Our Own Hearts - Art & Storytelling Workshop with Maya Gonzalez