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Write Now! Make Books with Maya Gonzalez

Welcome, Welcome Bookmakers!

If you've come to make a book, you're in the right place!
Hi! I'm Maya Gonzalez

My name is Maya Gonzalez and I'm a children's book author and artist.

Join me in my San Francisco Art Studio as we learn together what it takes to create a book!

Follow along with your Field Guide to write and illustrate your OWN story!

I'm so glad you're here. Let's do this!

Step 1:

Write Now! Make Books Field GuideDownload your Write Now! Make Books Field Guide
(best when printed in color and single-sided if possible; may take a moment to download since it's packed with info!)


Step 2:

Watch  the VIDEOS below
(match the numbers of the videos to the worksheets in the field guide for help on each step of the process)

See you in the Studio!!

Download your Field Guide here!
The Write Now! Make Books pledge

We the Kids...
will WRITE our own STORIES
MAKE our own ART
and if necessary...

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VIDEO #1: Introduction to Making Books

Introductionwatch this video to find what's involved in making a book and an overview of the journey ahead!

Goes briefly over all the pages from the Field Guide



VIDEO #2: Where do Stories Come From?

Working on Your Manuscriptwatch this video to learn more about writing your story!

Goes with Pages 10-11 from the Field Guide

Story Meets Art

Story Meets Art

VIDEO #3: Laying Out Your Book

Working with Thumbnails and Drawingswatch this video to learn more about creating thumbnails and detailed drawings!

Goes with Pages 12-17 from the Field Guide



VIDEO #4: Getting Messy with Art!

Experimenting with Art Materialswatch this video for ideas on art materials and how to use them!

Goes with Page 18 from the Field Guide

Story and Art Meet Book

Story & Art Meet Book

VIDEO #5: Creating the Final Art

Creating your Final Artwatch this video to learn more about the anatomy of a spread and creating your final art!

Goes with Pages 19-25 from the Field Guide



VIDEO #6: Building Your Book

Book Construction and Putting it Togetherwatch this video to learn how to put your book together!

Goes with Pages 26-29 from the Field Guide

Beyond the Book

Beyond the Book

VIDEO #7: Sharing Your Book and What Next

Next Stepswatch this video for ideas on what you can do next!

Goes with Page 30 from the Field Guide