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We The People: Self-Publishing Resources

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The 3R's of Children's Books as a Radical Act:

3Rs of Children's Books as a Radical Act by Maya GonzalezThe 3R's of Children's Books as a Radical Act take the power away from silence and invisibility and focus on bringing VOICE and VISIBILITY to our communities and kids.

The 3 R’s—Reflection, Reclamation and Regeneration—help us envision a full and effective path of action that ultimately supports true power rising from our communities in the form of our OWN VOICE. (Read more about Children's Books as a Radical Act - including statistics on IPOC authors)

Download the 3Rs PDF - 1 page (988 KB)
(Also available to purchase as a 12.25"x17.25" poster)

Who's Involved in Making a Picture Book? - flow chart:

This fun flow chart talks about the different people involved in making a children's book and can be helpful to get an overview of the different roles whether you're going with a traditional publisher or considering self-publishing. This is from the Make Books Now! Indie Publisher Training & Action Program through our School.

Download the Flow Chart PDF - 1 page (1 MB)

Traditional or Alternative? Who's Helping Make My Children's Book? - a self-publishing worksheet:

This worksheet is also from the Make Books Now! Indie Publisher Training & Action Program through our School and is a helpful tool to think about what assistance you might need when self-publishing. Also talks briefly about the different roles in traditional children's books publishing.

Download the PDF Worksheet - 1 page (1 MB)

Typical 32 Page Children's Book - Spread Overview:

Overview-of-Book-Spreads-web-200pxThis PDF is from The Art of It e-book that accompanies The Heart of It: Creating Children's Books that Matter e-course through our School. Discusses the "industry standard" 32 page picture book and why that is as well as optional layouts within that standard and what endpapers are.

Download the Spread Overview PDF - 2 pages (692 KB)

Publishing Packet:

Download our publishing packetThese materials were originally produced for our Radical & Relevant Children's Books: fostering a publishing revolution from within mini-conference. So they were designed to accompany our presentation, however they still offer valuable information. You may also be interested in our online children's book courses through our school

Download the Publishing Packet PDF - 23 pages (3MB)

Publishing Packet Table of Contents:

  1. "The Publishing Tree" Flow Chart
  2. My Roots: Uncovering What Guides and Inspires Me
    (6 pages: includes play sheets and an example from us)
  3. My Skills and Resources Assessment
  4. Options Overview
    (Traditional vs. Alternative publishing)
  5. Tell A Tale
    (Some tips and tricks from author, Maya Gonzalez)
  6. Traditional Publishing overview
  7. Alternative Publishing overview
  8. A Few Pointers from the Slush Pile
    (from Editor, Dana Goldberg, Whirligig Editorial, whirligigeditorial.com)
  9. Writing a Knock Out Query Letter
    (from Editor, Dana Goldberg, Whirligig Editorial whirligigeditorial.com)
  10. Should I Become a Publisher
  11. Project Overview
  12. Making the Art
  13. Creating a Budget
  14. Finding Funding
  15. Book Setup & Logistics
  16. Next Steps: How will I make it real?
Write Now! Make Books for Kids (of all ages!):

write-now-make-booksA free video series and downloadable 30 page packet that, while geared toward kids, is still a valuable resource for understanding how the story and art for a picture book is created.

View the Series & Field Guide