POC, Queer, & Trans Owned Independent Publisher | San Francisco, CA | since 2009

Mission & Values

| Our Mission & Values | Our Story |

Reflection Press is a POC queer and trans owned independent publisher of radical and revolutionary children’s books and works that expand cultural and spiritual awareness.

Our books and materials center Indigenous/POC communities and hold a holistic, nature-based perspective intent on empowering the people by stepping beyond the confines of Western culture. We also provide free materials to engage kids from marginalized communities in bookmaking, as well as extensive resources that challenge the gender binary and provide healing and healthful alternatives.

Our Mission: to provide materials that support a strong sense of individuality along with a community model of real inclusion.

Our Vision: we envision a world rooted in true freedom, respect, and equality, and motivated by the knowledge that everyone is valuable and everyone has special creative gifts to share.

Our Values:

Inclusion: we model full inclusion and support a sense of belonging by allowing all genders, races, classes, orientations, abilities, ….to stand side by side without hierarchy.

Respect: we respect ourselves, others, and our world with the understanding that no one is truly free until we are all free, no one is truly equal until we are all equal.

Uniqueness: As equals, we encourage everyone to be fully themselves because we know that our uniqueness is a source of strength. And that being strong in ourselves literally changes the world.

Freedom: We understand that true freedom begins within each of us and expands out. Freedom Rocks! Let it begin within!

Personal Responsibility: We are aware and respectful of our Earth and our responsibility here and to all the living beings who inhabit our Earth. This knowledge consistently guides the decisions we make about the materials and resources we use, the organizations and companies that we choose to support, and how we run our business.

Playfulness: We always encourage a sense of play, knowing that this supports relaxation and naturally allows our minds to expand and move us forward to a world of greater understanding.

Creativity: We honor our creative abilities with the awareness that not all knowledge is linear and logical. We open up to other ways of knowing and perceiving and respect all the different ways that people learn.