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The Gender & Infinity COLORING Book for Kids

The Gender & Infinity COLORING Book for Kids


How will YOU color Infinity?
A companion coloring book to The Gender and Infinity Book for Kids!

8.5″x11″ – 36 pages

by Maya Gonzalez
Intended Audience: Ages 3-10; K-5
a Gender Wheel® book

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A companion coloring book to the original picture book, The Gender and Infinity Book for Kids! Maya invites you to dive deeper into the story and make it your own. Bring your experience and imagination to the original sketches and color a new world that bursts OUT of the boxes that limit ALL of us.

How will YOU color infinity?

Explore the original picture book to learn more about the patterns of body and gender diversity in nature.

Since ideally used in conjunction with the picture book
, the coloring book does not include the back material but instead includes a note from Maya as well as a spread of additional coloring activities.

The Gender & Infinity Book for Kids reorients and changes the gender conversation at the root.

Instead of defining in relation to assignments at birth, it provides kids with an understanding of self in relation to the infinite flow of nature. When we have a felt sense of our inherent belonging to a greater story of diversity, we are better equipped to understand and see through the “the boxes” that limit all of us from being our true selves.

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Why this book is important

The Gender & Infinity Book for Kids is a remedy-based framework. It roots resilience deep in the power of nature, and helps heal the impact of gender pressure and preempt its internalization.

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Dimensions 8.5 × 11 × .25 in

Black & White Coloring Book
(also available in original full color picture book format with back material)

Release Date

Oct 26, 2023