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Gender Now Coloring Book

Gender Now Coloring Book


A Learning Adventure for Children and Adults

Paperback, 52 pages
Written & Illustrated by Maya Gonzalez

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“The Gender Now Coloring Book has been an indispensable tool in our work to create more gender inclusive and accepting schools.” -Joel Baum, Director, Education & Training, Gender Spectrum

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The kids of the gender team are ready to show you the way, are you ready to color, learn, and play? Inside you’ll find stories, pictures, games and more to encourage and remind you that you are free to be!

Gender is something relevant to all of us because we all express gender. You may or may not be transgender. You may or may not know a transgender child. The truth is that doesn’t matter. We are all on this planet together. GENDER NOW is meant to provide reflection and support unity by showing multiple genders standing together. It is a specific opportunity to create balance and awareness by including gender expressions that are under-represented in our current culture. Also available in a School Edition Activity Book.

Gender Now Includes:
  • Adult support for parents, educators, and community in how to hold multiple gender perspectives (original coloring book only – school edition offers link to teaching guide)
  • Information about open gender expression and the concept of the Gender wheel to read with your child
  • Celebrating Gender Diversity

  • Images of children of various genders (in their natural state in the original coloring book, clothed in the school edition) and in imaginative or active settings
  • Playful activities for children (and adults) to explore your own gender expression
  • Information about transgender history and gender in nature
  • Images and stories of transgender ancestors and animals
  • Referrals and resources to support transgender awareness (original coloring book only – school edition offers additional activities for children and link to teaching guide)
  • 52 pages beautifully illustrated by award-winning children’s book artist and author Maya Christina Gonzalez

Praise for Gender Now:

“The Gender Now Coloring Book has been an indispensable tool in our work to create more gender inclusive and accepting schools. Its various themes, images and activities provide a wonderful foundation for expanding the perspectives of students, teachers and parents about the amazing diversity of gender. More than simply exploring gender in its many dimensions, The Gender Now Coloring Book is a celebration of children in all of their authentic glory. Thank you for such a valuable contribution to greater acceptance and freedom for all children.” -Joel Baum, Director, Education and Training, Gender Spectrum

I work in a cross-section between elementary education and gender/sexuality studies, and I find that your Gender Now Coloring Book is one of the best pedagogical tools teachers can have (love your other books like [Call Me Tree], as well). Almost nobody gets it right, but you do. What a wonderful opportunity to help children see themselves and others, create a space for trying on different identities until they find one that “fits” (or more than one 😊). What great resources for helping all of us understand the range of gender in all it’s wonderful complexity in ways that challenge us to move beyond binaries. Thank you, Maya!”-Educator

Need help deciding which version (original coloring book or school edition) to purchase? Check out the FAQs tab above.

**Note to Parents/Teachers: Know your comfort zone. To make the most powerful, informative, and body-positive coloring book, children in the original coloring book are shown at times with no clothes. We believe that children are very curious about their bodies and wish to support children in feeling empowered in themselves thereby reducing (and eventually eliminating) any shame attached to having a body that may be different than what is considered “normal” for a boy or girl. We feel that informed children are empowered children. If you do not feel comfortable talking to your children about bodies (all different kinds) this coloring book may not be for you. You may wish to instead purchase the school edition activity book. Although we do encourage you to consider stretching just a little beyond your comfort zone and growing along with your child.

Download PDF Spec Sheet for GENDER NOW

View more Gender Now resources here.

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Dimensions 11.693 × 8.268 × .108 in



Maya Gonzalez

Date of Publication

September 1, 2010


11.693”(L) x 8.268”(W) x .108”(D)

No. of Pages

52 pages


Paperback; B&W Interior

Intended Audience

Children ages 3+; Transgender Children & Adults; Educators & Parents of Transgender Children


JNF001505 Juvenile Nonfiction : Activity Books ‐ Coloring Books ; SOC032000 Social Science : Gender Studies ; EDU048000 Education : Inclusive Education




Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. So the Gender Now coloring and activity books are really just for transgender children or adults?
    • Absolutely not, everyone can benefit from an exploration of gender and our expectations, beliefs, and judgements around it.
  2. I don’t feel comfortable sharing such a complicated topic with my child. Isn’t this a little too old for a three year old (four year old, five,…) ?
    • A topic such as gender is often only as complicated as we make it. However, everyone has their own comfort level. While some parents may see this as too "old" for their child, other parents may see it as a godsend for a struggling child longing for reflection and validation. The important thing is that you do what is best for you and your situation. However, we do want to express that often what we think may be difficult for a child to understand is surprisingly much easier for them to accept. Children are naturally accepting of difference, it is often the adults who have to unlearn the judgements and restrictions around gender.
      Discussion around gender can often bring up a lot for people. It is normal to be uncomfortable at times as we are stretching our minds and expanding beyond our comfort zone. Yet, this provides us with an opportunity to examine our own judgements and limitations around gender and be present with ourselves. The more presence you bring to your beliefs around gender the more you are able to sift through what you have been taught in order to uncover your own knowing. It is never too late to open your mind and it is never too early to help keep a child’s mind open to all the many ways to be in this world.
  3. Which version should I buy, the original Coloring Book or the School Edition?
    • The original Coloring Book was specifically designed to be a joint exploration for parent and child, (therapist and child, or other supportive adult and child) to take together to learn about gender and bodies. It was purposely done this way in order to provide the most support and a more full understanding of gender expression and identity in a one-on-one or similarly intimate setting. With the understanding that a parent, therapist, or other supportive adult would be involved with a child as they explored the coloring book, it opens and closes with adult support and specifically shows and discusses various bodies in relation to gender expression. Thus bodies are shown at times in their natural state. Our first priority was offering support to those children in the most need of positive reflection.
      Our School Edition was written more for a child’s individual journey through gender. Although again, preferably under the guide of a teacher or supportive adult who can serve as a model and container for learning. Therefore to adhere to the public school environment, all the children in the school edition are clothed. We also included some additional activities in this edition in order to more fully ground the information presented.