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Together we can see a new peace.


i see peace

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My Relationship to Peace:

sample art from someone who took Maya's online course

Use this handout to draw your relationship to peace. For example, is it close by, within you, far away, conceptual, complicated, desired, doubted, blooming....If you like you can symbolize peace with flowers like in the i see peace book.
From the Believing is Seeing workbook, Day 1 Art Prompt.

Download the Worksheet PDF - 1 Page (1 MB)

Day 1 Audio reading the prompts from the workbook Believing is Seeing: Daily Journal of Transformation. Use the worksheet above to explore the Day 1 Art prompt!

Extra Strength Peace (PX) - 5 Minute Meditation for Fear:

Originally from our Believing is Seeing online course, explore this short meditation for times of fear, a slow and gentle meditation to support the loosening up and mobilization of emotions suppressed deep in the body. Fear is probably one of the trickiest underlying emotions. We shy away from it, but it is the most wise to walk toward fear. Fear is a midwife. It will take you deep.

My Fantasy World Worksheet:

A fun worksheet for kids and grown-ups to begin exploring your vision of peace. "Because the more we know peace for ourselves, the more we create it."
From the Believing is Seeing workbook.

Download the Worksheet PDF - 1 Page (1 MB)

Define Peace Questionnaire:

a good place to start to assess your own or your students understanding of peace. A half page questionnaire with one side asking to define peace and the back with 5 questions to explore peace in your life.

Download as Half Page - 1 Questionnaire (73 KB)

Download as Full Page - 2 Questionnaires (539 KB)

i see peace mini-cards:

freely decorate your life with peace. Mini-cards to cut out and leave around your world. First page offers some suggestions for how to use the mini-cards. I See, You See, We all See Peace!

Download the mini-cards - 2 pages (1 MB)

i see peace e-book

i see peace is available as an e-book (Kindle format) which you can get free on Amazon every 1st of the month. You don't need a Kindle to view, just use their free reader apps to view on most any device.
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