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A POWERFULL Path to Raising Changemakers!

A PowerFULL path to raising Changemakers

Below is a 9 step path to assist grown-ups in resourcing children. And at the bottom of the page find helpful resources to disrupt systemic oppression, invest in true self and community, and strengthen resilience and agency.

PROVIDE Real Context

Share stories with kids about the real development of the United States and the impact of colonization and slavery. Specifically seek out stories about Native American, Mexican American, African American and LGBTQI2S+ American histories.

OBSERVE Bullying in Contrast to Equitable Dynamics

Support kids to see, feel and understand the difference between bullying (or power-over) dynamics and equitable dynamics. Framing things within the context of 'bullying' is a first step for kids to understand larger power-over dynamics.

WAKE UP Critical Thinking

Help kids make the connections of how and why bullying happens on a national level. Using real histories coupled with current circumstances, make the connections between who is still being bullied today and how that is tied to colonization and slavery in the past.


Place the onus of oppression on the system. This specifically helps kids to not personally internalize oppression, or take on bullying behaviors as viable strategies. Oppression is a system that can be changed.

RADICALIZE Self Love & Community Love

Always bring the focus back to love, and the inherent value of human beings. This is what we want our kids and communities to internalize to be strong through difficult times.

FEEL the Emotions Fully Flow

Make room for feelings to flow without judgment. Emotional intelligence only occurs if feelings are valued and acknowledged. Emotional strength keeps us flexible and resilient.

UNITE in Peace

Nurture a peaceful world. Nationally, we are currently in a heightened state of divisiveness which is very stressful. We can choose to court peace in our own lives and, on a bigger level, we can notice nuance and commonalities between people while acknowledging the changes that need to be made.

LEAD with Creative Expression

Use creativity to help kids process their feelings as well as develop an understanding about big concepts, like power and oppression. By keeping creativity free and valued we support kids in maintaining not only their agency but also their own unique contribution in the world.

LEAN into a New World Vision

Encourage kids to imagine what world they want to create. Creative power is our birthright. It is at the heart of being a changemaker.

Print these tips to remind you of the POWERFULL Path:
Download the PowerFULL Path PDF (2 MB)

I Change Myself, I change the World - Gloria Anzaldua
Helpful Resources for Disrupting Systemic Oppression
Both When a Bully is President and The Gender Wheel provide kids with context for the development of the United States and oppressive systems and how those systems continue to impact us today.
When a Bully is President: Truth and Creativity for Oppressive Times - 2nd EditionThe Gender Wheel children's book by Maya Gonzalez
The cover of The Gender Wheel and When a Bully is President are intentionally similar. LGBTQI2S+ oppression is intrinsically tied to racial and ethnic oppression. When we begin to understand the development of our country, we can better understand where many of the cultural standards and stereotypes come from and stop perpetuating them.

View a full reading of When a Bully is President:

(listen to Maya as she reads the book and shares some final and in-process art)
Free Reader's Guide for When a Bully is President:
Reader's Guide CoverThis guide gives adult readers some background and support to help kids on their journey through the book. Download Reader's Guide - 26 pages (2 MB)
Helpful Resources for Investing in True Self & Community
Self-Portrait with Natural Self-Respect Handout
An activity from When a Bully is President. A simple handout with frame and directions at the bottom for kids to draw their self-portraits and a nature ally. Download the Self-Portrait Handout (505 KB)
Natural Respect Coloring Page
Coloring page from Maya's sketchbook with art from the book. Download the Coloring Page (897 KB)
Black Youth Matter Coloring Pages:
Download several coloring pages to celebrate our black youth! View & Download the Coloring Pages
Helpful Resources for Strengthening Resilience & Agency
Be Your Own Witness/4 Statements Worksheet
A downloadable handout of the witnessing activity from When a Bully is President for kids to learn how to witness themselves using the 4 statements. This helps kids not internalize oppression and see bullying for what it is. Download the Witness Worksheet (786 KB)
Claiming Face Curriculum:
Explore more in relation to building the powerful link between creativity and a sense of self with free downloads related to the Claiming Face curriculum. View Free Claiming Face Resources
My Fantasy World Worksheet:
A fun worksheet for kids and grown-ups to begin exploring your vision of peace. "Because the more we know peace for ourselves, the more we create it." From the Believing is Seeing workbook. Download the Worksheet PDF - 1 Page (1 MB)