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Gender Wheel® Curriculum:

Gender Wheel website
Visit the website dedicated to our Gender Wheel Curriculum, a holistic, nature-based approach to understanding gender for kids. Lots of free resources and downloads!

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"Which Outfit?" Activity Sheet:

Activity page from the Gender Now Coloring Book and Gender Now Activity Book: School Edition. If you opened up a closet and could choose any clothes you wanted, what would you choose?

Download the Activity Page (777 KB)

"Which Hairdo?" Activity Sheet:

Activity page from the Gender Now Coloring Book and Gender Now Activity Book: School Edition. Our hair says a lot about us and how we feel. What hairdo do you like?

Download the Activity Page (819 KB)

Gender Questionnaire:

a good place to start to assess your own or others understanding of gender, a half page questionnaire with 11 questions to begin exploring gender. The back side contains a few resources regarding terminology, books, and resources.

Download as Half Page - 1 Questionnaire (456 KB)

Download as Full Page - 2 Questionnaires (456 KB)

Curriculum Development Worksheet:

2 page worksheet to assist in developing lesson plans that are gender inclusive. The goal here is not to teach about gender but instead to bring gender expansive awareness into everyday lessons. Examples of a potential lesson ideas are provided on worksheet.

Download the Worksheet - 2 pages (452 KB)

Keeping the Perspectives Alive Handout:

While this handout was originally provided for parents, the information can be adapted for educators also. The 2 page handout provides some examples on how to provide gender expansive reflection for children in popular media such as books and movies.

Download the PDF Handout - 2 pages (861 KB)

U-niquely You Self-Portraits Lesson Plan:

Uniquely You2 page lesson plan geared toward exploring gender through self-portraiture, 30-40 min. activity.

Download the Lesson Plan PDF - 2 pages (839 KB)

Call Me Tree Gender Free:

Call Me Tree Gender FreeMaya's note to her readers about her book, Call Me Tree, published by Lee&Low. Download the PDF below or read online on her blog.

Download the PDF - 2 pages (3 MB)

It's Perfectly Natural PowerPoint Presentation:

Uniquely YouThe goal of the slide show is to provide examples from nature, history, and other cultures that show the reality that multiple gender expression is perfectly natural and has always existed. The information is also linked to popular children's media such as books and movies that can start the conversation with children. You can view the slideshow below but you will also need to view the notes that go with the presentation.

Download Slideshow Notes - 9 pages (1 MB)

Powerpoint Presentation:

(view or download presentation on the SlideShare website, purchase a recording of Maya presenting this workshop at 2011 Gender Spectrum conference through Hungry Minds Recording and scroll down to item #GenSpec11-232: It's Perfectly Natural.)

Gender Now Activity Book Front Cover
"an indispensable tool in our work to create more gender inclusive and accepting schools" -Joel Baum, Director, Education and Training, Gender Spectrum