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The Gender Wheel: School Edition


a story about bodies and gender
for every body!

a nature-based, inclusive, body positive story of gender. Inviting every body back to the circle.

**NOTE: this is the clothed edition more conducive to school environments and includes Teacher Tips, if you would like the original edition, find that here.

Available in Hardcover/$19.95 and Paperback/$13.95
8.5″x11″ – 44 pages

by Maya Gonzalez
Intended Audience: Ages 7-10/Grades 2-5

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“This is our world.
Like many things in nature it’s round and holds everyone at the same time.
This is the Gender Wheel.
Like our world it’s round and holds everyone at the same time too…”

Gender Wheel Kid - by Maya GonzalezIn 2010 Maya introduced the Gender Wheel and the Gender Team in the second book we ever published, the Gender Now Coloring Book. It was a jammed packed coloring extravaganza exploring bodies, nature and history in relation to multiple gender identities. It also opened up the possibility of play and expansion around our still limited language of “boy” and “girl.”

Now the Gender Team returns, expanded and stronger than before, inviting you on a picture book journey through the Gender Wheel. This School Edition takes the original book, The Gender Wheel (2017), and puts clothes on all the kids to be more conducive to school environments. It is a powerful opportunity for kids to understand the origins of the current binary gender system, how we can learn from nature to see the truth that has always existed and revision a new story that includes room for all bodies and genders. The Gender Wheel offers a nature-based, holistic non-western framework of gender in a kid-friendly way. Also included are Teacher Tips on how to hold a holistic perspective on gender in the classroom.

NOTE TO PARENTS, EDUCATORS, AND ADULT ALLIES: This is the school edition of the original book, The Gender Wheel, in which all the kids are clothed. If you prefer the version showing bodies in their natural state (i.e. with no clothes on), find the original edition here. They also offer a nice complement to each other, one as a home version and one to provide to your child’s school. Additionally, our other book They She He Me is also a powerful companion to both the school and original versions and suitable for classroom environments and breaking down gender assumptions and stereotypes. Check it out if you want to play with pronouns. You may see some familiar faces!

Find more resources and downloads at www.genderwheel.com

More about Gender Now:

Our Gender Now Coloring book and curriculum has been used by Gender Spectrum (an organization that helps to create gender sensitive and inclusive environments), school districts in Canada and educators throughout the United States.

One educator expressed, I work in a cross-section between elementary education and gender/sexuality studies, and I find that your Gender Now Coloring Book is one of the best pedagogical tools teachers can have (love your other books like [Call Me Tree], as well). Almost nobody gets it right, but you do. What a wonderful opportunity to help children see themselves and others, create a space for trying on different identities until they find one that “fits” (or more than one 😊). What great resources for helping all of us understand the range of gender in all it’s wonderful complexity in ways that challenge us to move beyond binaries. Thank you, Maya!”


View more Gender Now resources here.


Weight 12 oz
Dimensions 8.5 × 11 × .3 in
Date of Publication

August 13 2018

No. of Pages

44 pages


Hardcover, Paperback

Intended Audience

Children Ages 7-10, Grade Level 2-5


JNF053080 – Juvenile Nonfiction : LGBT
JNF051000 – Juvenile Nonfiction : Science & Nature – General
JNF052020 – Juvenile Nonfiction : Social Science – Customs, Traditions, Anthropology



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